I would like to introduce two more factors here to answer this as objectively as possible – alloy wheels and terrain, more specifically, in off road usage.

For typical urban terrain use, tubeless Tyres are more popular because of the sheer convenience they offer, albeit at a slight premium. Especially when you start dabbling with alloy wheels.

They can be a lifesaver in high speed, pressure failure situations, more so for two-wheelers.

The only issue is that with each puncture, their speed rating and hence the safety keeps reducing and ideally the tyre has to be discarded after just one or two punctures.

Tyres with internal tubes on the other hand deliver an equal perfomance at a lower cost for urban use on Tarmac. However the option of playing around with different alloy wheel designs is very limited. Also, If you consider off road usage, they are superior to tubeless Tyres, especially for motorbikes with spoked wheels.

Spoked wheels are stronger and can withstand rough usage compared to alloy wheels. More importantly Tyres with tubes are more forgiving of punctures in such a situation.

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