Low-pressure tires are very dangerous to be left alone. While you can get a tire pressure gauge, it is not the same as monitoring the tire pressure always.

You would physically need to measure the pressure of the tire with a tire pressure gauge. But did you know that you can solve this issue by installing an automatic tire monitoring system in your car or truck?

These things are nifty, automatic and are awesome. They can be installed with great ease and come with LED/LCD displays that are by your steering which will give you an idea of the air pressure in the tires and when it is time for a refill or an adjustment.

Our list today consists of a list of the best selling and best-rated tire pressure monitoring systems or TPMS. This list has been created and curated on the basis of some key aspects which are crucial to TPMS quality. Among them all, the following are the three important aspects to it.

  • Sensors: The first and foremost thing to look for in such systems is the sensors. The quality of a sensor can be boiled down to the TPMS’s universality. Is the device that you picked universal in accepting all types of sensors? This is crucial because not a lot of sensors have universality and if the sensors in your car fail, the entire system fails.
  • Programmable Modes: The next thing to check for is the number of programmable modes you can set up the device in. General TPMS devices come with about 3 or 2 programmable modes that aid in the better monitoring of the tire air pressure in your cars.  Program modes also include retuning your old sensor systems for the newly installed TPMS systems (called as the copy mode)
  • Accuracy: The third most important thing to consider is the accuracy of the sensors. Higher accuracy again can be determined by how easily you can reprogram new sensors in the car. The temperature of the tire can also be an indicator of this (just compare it with the gas station’s equipment once and you should be fine).

While these three are the key important factors, they are definitely not the only ones. There are a bunch of other factors which we have included in the Buying Guide section of the article. Be sure to give that a read, follow through with the Frequently Asked Questions before you make a buying decision.




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