Pain: You need new tyres but you are low on cash and want to save as much as you can.
Agitate: You are tired of having to pay through the nose for tyres.
Solution: Get a set of our low price tubeless tyres and feel the difference. They blow up into a solid tyre in seconds.

Pain: Your old tyres are getting threadbare and your car is starting to feel unsafe on the road.
Agitate: The roads are a dangerous place now that new tyres are in such short supply.
Solution: Stop driving around with dodgy tyres and replace them with our affordable tubeless tyres.

Pain: You are stuck at the side of the road with a flat tyre.
Agitate: You’re stranded and you need a quick solution.
Solution: You need some new tubeless tyres for your car.

Pain: You are paying high prices for tyres that go flat.
Agitate: You are paying high prices for tyres that go flat.
Solution: Why not try our new range of cheap tubeless tyres?

Pain: These aren’t your father’s tyres! These are the best in the business and you can get them for a bargain.
Agitate: You’re putting your money into expensive car tyres and not getting the performance you want.
Solution: Tubeless tyres have been made to suit the modern driver. They’re affordable and great on the road.

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