Making a new motorcycle is a delicate process. There are many needs to balance. There is, obviously, cost. But for a storied company like Royal Enfield, there is a pull of the past and the push into the future. There are the expectations of the faithful as well the hopes of the new riders. And all that has to sit within the borders that the brand and what it represents has created over time. You can push it, but the number of steps you can take is often limited. So could the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 have been more powerful, or more sporty or a thousand different things? Of course. But this story is about what the Royal Enfield Interceptor is. Today. Well, in a couple of months time when it goes on sale, to be precise.

Royal Enfield hasn’t decided a launch date but it looks like mid-November is a good bet. The motorcycle’s price is the subject of massive speculation, of course. While I can easily see the Interceptor carry off a Rs 3.5 lakh ex-showroom price, Royal Enfield wants substantial mid-displacement volumes. A lot of the specification and engineering aims for this goal and I believe the final price will be a shocking sub Rs 3 lakh figure! That’s unheard of value as multi-cylinder engines go in India, if true. Indeed, the US prices that were announced give credence to the idea that not only is Royal Enfield not afraid of the prospect of cannibalising the sales of their 500s, but that superb pricing was part of the design of the motorcycle – although there is hardly any thing on the motorcycle you can call out as cheap.

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