Ceat Secura Drive 185/60 R15 Tubeless Car Tyre



  • Wide footprint area
  • Curvilinear tread pattern


  • Tread design optimised for tyre life, comfortable and quiet ride
  • Good tyre life, grip and traction

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About this item

  • Vehicle Compatibility: Avventura, B-Class, Mondeo, A-Class, CLA-Class, Avventura, A Class, A3, Octavia, Jetta, Corolla, Altis, Linea, Superb
  • Features: Wide longitudinal grooves, Computerised optimum pitch noise
  • Functions: Effective aqua planing resistance, Low noise generation
  • Benefits: Superior grip on wet surfaces, Comfortable drive
  • Unconditional Warranty: (UCW) up to 50 percent wear and for 2 years from date of manufacture, whichever is earlier, on the following sizes: Category 2090: Car Radials and Category 2100: UV Radials


Additional information

Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 4 in

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