Make every motorcycle ride an Ezeeride

MRF, India’s largest tyre manufacturer introduced the ‘Nylogrip Ezeeride  Tyre’ the latest offering from MRF for Two Wheelers.  ‘Nylogrip Ezeeride’, which boasts of making,  every motorcycle ride an Ezeeride, is one of the most innovative additions to its range of tyres.


  • Wider Centre blocks. Easy on straight rides
  • Superior grooves design. Easy on wet rides.
  • Unique tread pattern. Easy on Zig-zag rides.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Koshy Varghese, Executive Vice President Marketing at MRF Ltd said, “MRF being the leader in two-wheeleris category in India and with our legendary brands like Nylogrip and Zapper, we wanted to give our discerning customers an opportunity to upgrade by providing a technologically superior product with increased tyre life and braking/grip and easy handling.”

Nylogrip Ezeeride tyre will be manufactured for motorcycle across categories from 100 cc to 750 cc and will be available as fitment for a wide range of OE brands and models in tube type and tubeless options for both rear and front tyre fitment.

What makes the tyre special is that its Enhanced and Unique Tread Design which will offer

*Superior riding comfort on straight riding

*Cornering stability  for handling zig- zag movements

*Special Grooves Design – To channel water efficiently  while driving in wet conditions

One of the major highlights of the tyre is that all its features like the superior compound and unique tread design are perfect for those who looks for an easy ride.

MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride will be available for display and sales across MRF dealer network from 13th April onwards.

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